2 New Divisions in Indiana

Dec 20, 2006
Steve Wever has announced that heíll be running two new Divisions in the Bedford, Indiana area this year. The first, on Lake Sullivan, will feature some of the best small water fishing the Hoosier State has to offer. ďLast year the best weight for five fish was around 16 pounds,Ē he says. Of course, every sack wonít be that heavy but some will and thatís what makes bass fishing so much fun. The second Division will be held on the White River. According to Wever, ďThe White River has been unbelievable for the last three years or so. A lot of anglers donít realize that itís between 15 and 21 feet deep in the stretch weíll be fishing (from Bedford to the dam) and I would expect to see a few bags go around 20 pounds in 2007.Ē Wever is still searching for sponsors so if youíre reading this and interested in reaching a targeted market of top bass anglers give Wever a call at (812) 752-2885 or call U.S.A. Bassinís National Director, Kevin Yeary, at (812) 276-8043. Itís a great opportunity. For complete scheduling information about these exciting new Divisions call Wever at the number listed above.

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