Lucas Oil Tournament Of Champions






Championship Events

Date Lake Launch Ramp Time Results
04/27/2021Chickamauga LakeDayton Ramp7:00 am to 3:00 pmView
04/26/2022Chickamauga LakeDayton Ramp7:00 am to 3:00 pmN/A

Top Ten Results

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Bold indicates a division champion
Teams in Red are Next Generation Teams
Teams in Blue are Coed Teams

* indicates a big bass option.

1Billy Baugus / Matt Garvin21.88
2Daniel Ater / Gabe Thomas21.39
3Joe Gulash / Rich Mullen19.36
4Daniel Rose / John Poulin18.83
5Justin Conkle / Jeff Fulkerson18.59
6Joe Johnson / None None17.59
7John Warren / Eric Johnson17.40
8Marc Dewlen / Jon Logue16.50
9Brandon Moberly / Tyler Moberly16.44
10Austin Roberts / Jeffrey Roberts16.27

Top Ten Big Bass Results

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Bold indicates a division champion
Teams in Red are Next Generation Teams
Teams in Blue are Coed Teams

* indicates a big bass option.

04/27 to 04/27
1Larry Bailey / Dennis Morse11.93
2Justin Conkle / Jeff Fulkerson9.64
3Stephen Farley / Brandon 1 Taylor7.64
4Trent Darlage / Clint Sterling7.54
5Daniel Ater / Gabe Thomas7.48
6Mike Minix / David Hoffman7.28
7Chanler Fleetwood / Carson Lambring7.13
8Jamie Cunnagin / Mike Barnett6.86
9Billy Baugus / Matt Garvin6.66
10Damon 1 Brown / Greg 1 Brown6.50

Contact Championship Staff


Tim Mills
P.O. Box 1126
Bedford, In 47421



Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions


Points to Remember!!!

  • Qualification:
    • There are Five Ways to Qualify for this Event:
      • Be a Divisional Champion of any USA BASSIN Division
      • Catch the Biggest Bass in your Division
      • Finish the season in the top 200 in the National Points
      • Finish in the top 3 at a Regional Event
      • Catch the Biggest Bass in a Regional Event
      • Finish in the top 3 at a Lucas Oil Open Event
    • Licensed Guides currently guiding on Chickamauga Lake (2019-2021) are not eligible to participate in the Ranger Aluminum Cup.
    • Starting 2020 any team that wins this event 3 times the anglers will not be eligible to participate in the Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions going forward.
  • Dates:
    • The Lake will be open to pre-fishing!!
    • Official Practice will open starting April 15th, 2022 and remain open through the end of the Championship Week.
      • During the Official Practice days teams may not use a Guide or communicate with anyone that is not fishing in a USA BASSIN Championship Week Event to gain an advantage over the rest of the field.
    • Registration & Pretournament Meeting: April 25th, 2022
    • Tournament Day: April 26th, 2022
    • Rain Out Day: April 27th, 2022
  • Registration & Pretournament Meeting:
    • Registration for this event will be located at the Dayton TN Boat Ramp * 175 Lakeshore Dr, * Dayton, TN 37321 (Rain or Shine) starting at 4:00pm Monday, April 25th, 2022 with the pretournament meeting to follow at 5:00pm. One member of each team is required to be present at the Pre-Tournament Meeting. Failure to appear at the Pre-Tournament Meeting will result in a disqualification. A proxy may be used. There will not be a fee for the use of a proxy during registration and meeting..
  • Entering the Event:
    • The entry fee for this event is $60.00
    • All mailed-in entries must be post marked by April 1st, 2022
    • USA BASSIN will accept a VISA or Master Card payment until April 15th, 2022 (There will be a 7% Service Fee for paying with a credit card)
    • We will not accept an entry into the event after April 15th, 2022 or at registration for this event
    • This event is limited to 250 teams
    • Boat numbers will be given out based on when we receive your entry
  • Refunds: 
    • If the Director is contacted before or on April 15th, 2022 USA BASSIN will refund $30.00 of the Entry Fee.
    • After April 15th, 2022 there is No Refund of the Entry Fee.
    • To receive your refund, please e-mail your mailing address along with the name of the event to:
  • Weather Delays and Cancelations:
    • In the event of extreme weather conditions such as Tornados, Tornado Warnings, Lightning, or a Small Watercraft Wind Advisory the tournament director will put the tournament on hold until all warnings expire, or the storms have passed, then and only then will we proceed with the tournament.
    • Should the tournament be delayed due to weather and we decide to launch, the check in times will stand as posted.
    • If the storms or warnings have not passed or expired prior to 10:00am, the director and staff will make the decision to cancel that day of fishing.
    • Examples:
      • If this tournament is canceled, then we will repeat the takeoff schedule on November 11th. 
      • If both days are cancelled, then there will be a Lottery Draw for the $10,000 First Place Prize.
      • No entry fee will be refunded.
  • USA BASSIN will not hold a Divisional or a Regional Tournament on Chickamauga Lake, TN


Uncle Sam Bass Challenge

Here’s how it works:

  1. Entry into the Uncle Sam Bass Challenge is included with your Classic entry.
  2. Drawing for Uncle Sam Bass Challenge, for this event will be broadcast on the USA BASSIN Facebook Page on May 1st, 2022.
  3. How to know if you’ve won!!
    1. All competitors in this month’s challenge must go to the USA BASSIN Facebook Page to view the Broadcast to see if they matched the weight of Uncle Sam Bass.
    2. You will have 72 hours from the braodcast to claim your weight.
    3. To win you must match the exact weight of Uncle Sam Bass.
  4. Click on the Uncle Sam Bass logo below for complete rules and the value of this month’s Challenge



Bass Cat Tournament Rewards

This event is a TIER-1 ELIGIBLE EVENT

Click Here for Details



Solar Bat “Bat Bucks”

All USA BASSIN Tournaments are sanctioned under the Solar Bat “Bat Bucks” Contingency. Please go to for complete details.


Win an entry into the Bassmaster Team Championship!!


  • The National Points Champions will receive a free entry into the Bassmaster Team Championship. (The National Points Champions must participate in the Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions to receive the free entry)​

  • The Highest finishing Divisional Champion in the Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions will receive a free entry into the Bassmaster Team Championship.

  • The Highest finishing USA BASSIN Director in the Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions will receive a free entry into the Bassmaster Team Championship.

  • Top 3 teams in the Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions will qualify for the Bassmaster Team Championship (Anglers will have to pay the entry fee to the Bassmaster Team Championship)


This is your chance to make it to the Bassmaster Classic!!


  • There are currently no photos to be shown here.


Championship Winners

  • 2021 Billy Baugus / Matt Garvin
  • 2019 Mason Fleetwood / Tony Fleetwood
  • 2018 Matt Stanley / Brandon Tramel
  • 2017 Kevin Meunier / Kenny Heckel
  • 2016 Kenny Heckel / Kevin Meunier
  • 2015 Kevin Meunier / Kenny Heckel
  • 2014 Bob Robinson / Gary Hill Oh
  • 2013 Jeff Berger / Kenneth Voelkerding

Big Bass

  • 2021 11.93 lbs. Larry Bailey / Dennis Morse
  • 2019 7.35 lbs. Mason Nicholson / Shane Staggs
  • 2018 5.74 lbs. Moe Hazel / Brian Baker
  • 2017 8.92 lbs. Cole Floyd (tn) / Steve Floyd
  • 2016 7.23 lbs. Philip Miller / Dustin Miller
  • 2015 6.75 lbs. Carl Norris Jr / Kevin Snider
  • 2014 7.37 lbs. Dewayne Lamb / Mike Sustek
  • 2013 8.01 lbs. Shawn Penn / Steve Freeman

Championship Final Standings

Entries Recd

Last Updated: Jul. 24, 2021

Below is a list of all entries received.

If you have paid for an entry into the Lucas Tournament of Champions and you don't see your name posted on this list please e-mail me at:

Boat Anglers Names ID Number
1 Billy Baugus / Matt Garvin 0186021
2 David Bulow / Julie Ziga 0071021
3 Austin Lytle / Johnny Lytle 0514721
4 Kelly Ingle / Kenneth Ingle 0000321
5 Randy Brumfield / Paul Ward 0075521
6 Bill Schroeder / Billy Schroeder 0106321
7 Greg Phillips / Jacob Phillips 0588121
8 Mike Hoover / Lee Alphin 0203521
9 Mason Fleetwood / Tony Fleetwood 0269021
10 Tyler Harris / Alan Harris 0014021
11 Bill Rosch / Tommy Thompson 0203221
12 Shawn Penn / Steve Freeman 0105921
13 Jerry Waters / Jared Morris 0339821
14 Eric Bowser / Trey Lowder 0220021
15 Pat Robinson / Joe Rumsey 0315021
16 George Powell / Josh Rothermel 0084021
17 Dennis Uebelhack / Troy Rogers 0338921
18 Keegan Borum / Jordan Palmer 0089321
19 Lynn Turner / Harry Barber 0338821
20 Gary Atwell / Shane Atwell 0085021
21 Joe Johnson / None None 0104221
22 Steven Ford / Nathan Wallace 0046421
23 Tom Holder / Mike Russelburg 0067721
24 Lynn Jelinek / Lindsay Warehime 0061821
25 Dan Day / Jason Shake 0193121
26 Rodney Gunter / Charlie Tinkle 0075421
27 Shawn Wildman / Dennis Wildman 0536521
28 Clinton Yeary / William Bohling 0068321
29 Scott 2 Montgomery / Steve Cook 0014321
30 Jeff Mathews / Jimmy Drury 0284221
31 Jeff Rowland / Kenneth Lancaster 0224921
32 Josh Pennington / Michael Shouse 0298021
33 Kyler Turner / Sean Knight 0091621
34 Kevin Albertson / Alexander Albertson 0420821
35 Don Biggs / David Bentley 0487021
36 Travis Bond / Sam Coleman 0037221
37 Shawn White / Samuel Farrar 0111521
38 Scot Shetterly / Mason Shetterly 0223121
39 Don Gambrel / Nicholas Popovich 0152021
40 Shannon Moats / Blake Lehman 0313321

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