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Date Lake Launch Ramp Time Results
10/06/2018Percy Priest LakeFate Sanders Marina7:00 am - 3:00 pmN/A

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Jim Anderson


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Roger Brugger




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Registration Information

Tournament Information

Registration Date: 10/05/2018

Tournament Dates: 10/06/2018

Registration Hours: 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Tournament Location: Percy Priest Lake

Pre-tournament Meeting: 6:00pm


If you can’t make the registration you may use a proxy. There is no additional fee for using a proxy

Ramp: Fate Sanders Marina

Entry Fee: $140.00 Per Team

(Entry fee includes Big Fish Pot & Chance at Uncle Sam Bass)

There will be a $10.00 fee for paying an entry at registration.


Entry fee may be refunded, only if the director is contacted by 12:00pm the day before registration USA BASSIN will only refund $110 of the Entry fee.  Failure to inform the Regional Tournament Director of a refund will result in a forfeit of entry fee.

Tournament Hours: 7:00am - 3:00pm



Registration Site: 

Fate Sanders Marina

Tournament Directors

Jim Anderson                            Roger Brugger      

615-305-3978                              615-202-5367

sbd10490@gmail.com         roger.brugger@tds.net


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Tournament Standings

    Tournament Winners

      Big Bass

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      The #1 Livewell Formula

      Entries Recd

      Last Updated: Sep. 19, 2018

      Below is a list of all entries received. Note: Names are listed in order they are received.

       Tournament take off positions will be determined by when the tournament director receives your entry.

      If you mailed in your entry or payed by credit card but do not see your name listed please e-mail us at:


      Team No. Anglers Team ID
      1 Tim Thurman / Larry Hall 0053118
      2 Michael Story / John Hopkins 0057618
      3 Gary Taylor / Matt Farrar 0252418
      4 Mark Kirby / Ben Cherry 0057418
      5 Tim Onusko / Gary Rowell 0254418 
      6 Chad Christy / Keith Jackson 0566318
      7 Terry Lawless / Christopher Lawless 0055318
      8 Chris Dotson / John Hawks 0567618
      9 Craig Odom / Rex Shaver 0050418
      10 Trey Burtchaell / None None 0501118
      11 Chris Haynes / Brooks Trimble 0103818
      12 Thomas Bennett / Rick Pond 0567318
      13 Tony Eckler / Dayton Blair 0052318
      14 Jeff Young / Jon Blevins 0172318
      15 Ralph Mallicoat / Joey Mallicoat 0253218
      16 Brandon Sims / Bernie House 0254318
      17 Chris Tramel / Josh Tramel 0173218
      18 Chris Taylor / Mickey Beck 0254618
      19 Mason Nicholson / Shane Staggs 0566918
      20 Richie Meuth / Mark Springer 0369318
      21 Jared Brock / Jacob Jewell 0501418
      22 Steve Pyle / Marc Thomas 0543118
      23 David Gaither / John Smith-tn 0252918
      24 Larry Bailey / Dennis Morse 0004618
      25 Ricky Hensley / Chuck Dillard 0252618
      26 Gabe Thomas / Daniel Ater 0105118
      27 Billy Hinson / Donnie Rubel 0253818
      28 Shaun Donnell / Silas Donnell 0054818

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