Solar Bat Prescription Series

Jul 16, 2021
They offer prescription sunglasses as well!

Solar Bat’s prescription polarized series sunglasses are available in distance or lined bifocal prescription.  Progressive (no-line) prescriptions are available in limited prescription ranges and require a call directly to Solar Bat 800-761-8228.  Prescription range is sphere +3.00 to -4.00 with cylinder to -2.00 and all bifocal powers are available.  To fill a prescription order you must furnish a prescription that is not past your doctor’s expiration date and it must include your PD measurement, the distance between your eyes.  If we do not have the PD measurement you must call your doctor and get it before furnishing your prescription information.  Solar Bat will not call your doctor as your doctor is not required to release information to a third party.  Either email a copy of your prescription to or text a photo of your prescription to 812-240-2783.

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