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10/26/2019Bischoff ReservoirMain Ramp7:30 am - 3:30 pmN/A

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Chip Ayers
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Lisa Ayers
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UPDATE: Bischoff Reservoir Open

September 21, 2019


Boat #

1. John Kappes/Jeremy Thomas

2. Randy Ketchum/

3. Rick Lewis/Adam Hullenmeyer

4. Leroy McQueen/Danny McQueen

5. Don Mohr/Dana Mohr

6. Ron Tulley/Mike Lawrence

7. Bryant Tulley/Allen Garry

8. Chuck Sieg/Paul Bruns

9. Winston Halcomb/Todd Starkey

10. Doug Johnson/Dalton Johnson

11. Mike Wenning/

12. Mark Daulton/Jim Martin

13. Danny Robinson/Pam Robinson

14. Andrew Ramsey/LeAnne Ramsey

15. Bobby Revalee/J.R. Mullins

16. Tim Parton/RonTabor

17. **Chip Ayers/Lisa Ayers









**denotes last boat out

August 16, 2019

Based upon last year's overwhelming positive response we received concerning the USA Bassin’ Bischoff Reservoir Open, we are excited to announce we will be holding the Second Annual Fall USA Bassin' Open on Bischoff Reservoir on October 26, 2019.  Bischoff Reservoir is a municipal watershed lake located near the city of Batesville, IN and, while small in size, holds some giant Hoosier bass, with fish approaching 7 pounds weighed in regularly! 

Those folks that are on the lake frequently will attest that when the bass begin that "fall feeding frenzy" in anticipation of the coming winter, the fishing can be fantastic!

We have again decided to accept early entries into the tournament.  This will also provide us with a more accurate number of participating teams so that we can make necessary arrangements to allow for adequate parking. 

In addition, the order your entry is received will determine your starting position!!  In other words, once we receive your entry, you will be given the boat number for your starting position. (I.e., first entry received=Boat 1, second entry= Boat 2 and so on) Entries will be accepted via U.S. Postal Service or in person until TUESDAY OCTOBER 22, 2019.  No early entries will be accepted after this date. 

Teams WILL be able to enter the morning of the event, and a drawing will be held to determine the starting position of those teams prior to the pre-tournament meeting. 

We believe this process will help us expedite registration the morning of the tournament, allow us to determine how many teams may be participating, and reward those teams who chose the option of early entry.

Please mail entries with a check made out to Chip Ayers at the following:

Chip Ayers

504 South Poplar Street

Greensburg, IN 47240

Thank you & God Bless,

Lisa& Chip Ayers


A date for the 2019 Bischoff Reservoir open has been determined!!!  Mark your calendars and plan to take part on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2019!!!!  More information will be forthcoming!!!

God Bless,

Chip & Lisa Ayers







October 21, 2018

As mentioned, the 2018 Bischoff Reservoir USA Bassin' Open was held in some extremely challenging conditions to say the least.  Twenty teams didn't let a 15 MPH wind at the start of the event scare them off, but most agreed the late morning and early afternoon's gusts approaching fifty (50!) MPH made catching fish just plain tough!  Couple that with a major cold front looming and the bite was off, to say the least.  But, as the old saying goes, somebody always catches them.  The team of Josh Blankinship and Jeff Stutler managed one fish, and it was the right kind! The pair's 4.29 lb. bass took not only top honors, but big bass as well!  The brother team of Kyle and Joel Benedict put a 3.48 lb bass on the scales to capture second, while Matt Timmons and Chris Bossio's lone keeper totaled 2.03 pounds for third.  Not to be left out, Dennis Donovan and Matt Taylor brought in one fish weighing 1.84 lbs. to take the fourth place check.  

Short fish were very plentiful, as most teams stated they caught dozens of bass, but those over that magic 14" mark were more than difficult to come by.  Based upon surveys of the competitors, it appeared as though shallow crankbaits were the most productive presentations for the day.

Stay tuned to this page as pictures from the day's fishing and our winners will be posted soon!

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this year's Bischoff Reservoir Open.  Planning has begun already for the 2019 tournament and we look forward to making this an annual event.

Until next time, tight lines and 

God Bless,

Chip & Lisa Ayers

With the early registration deadline quickly approaching, we have received several inquiries concerning entry on the day of the event.  We will be accepting entries the morning of the event prior to the mandatory pre-tournament meeting which will begin at 7:00 AM.  Those entries paid the morning of the event MUST BE CASH!!! 

We are anticipating to draw a large number (by Bischoff Reservoir standards) of contestants for the Bischoff Reservoir Open.  With that being said, we will be in the parking lot at 5:00 AM to take same day entries and assist in parking.  We encourage everyone to arrive early and secure a parking spot at this fantastic fishery!

Thank you in advance!

God Bless,

Chip & Lisa Ayers



  • First through Fourth Place

  • Bischoff Open

  • Bischoff Open

  • Bischoff Open

  • Bischoff Open

  • Tournament's Big Bass


Division Champions

  • 2019 Josh Blankinship / Jeff Stutler

Season Standings

Tournament Winners

  • 10/20/2018 Josh Blankinship / Jeff Stutler

Highest Season Weight

  • 2019 4.29 lbs. Josh Blankinship / Jeff Stutler

Highest Winning Weight

  • 2019 4.29 lbs. Josh Blankinship / Jeff Stutler

Lowest Winning Weight

  • 2019 4.29 lbs. Josh Blankinship / Jeff Stutler

Big Bass

  • 2019 4.29 lbs. Josh Blankinship / Jeff Stutler

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