U.S.A. BASSIN - National Tournament Trail
Official Regional Standings
Regional: West Virginia Regional

Bold indicates a division champion.
Teams in Red are Next Generation Teams
Teams in Blue are Coed Teams

All results with red background qualify for Ranger Comanche Classic.

Tournament Date: 09/25/2010 @ 7:00 am - 3:00 pm @ Summersville Lake - Long Point at the Marina
Place Team Fish Live Fish Weight Big Fish Penalty Net Weight
1Mike Workman / Cody Toler668.
2Brian Fitzgerald / Kevin Fitzgerald667.541.000.007.54
3Josh Justice / Doug Cook667.361.000.007.36
4Donald Cottrill / David Cottrill667.301.000.007.30
5Jason Brown / James Goss556.781.000.006.78
6Brenton Davis / Frankie Delung657.181.000.506.68
7Carl Fleener / Brandon Fleener666.601.000.006.60
8Eddie Kitchen / Robert Browning666.541.000.006.54
9George Rice / Rob Mills666.421.000.006.42
9Mike Long / Jeff Johnson666.421.000.006.42
10Gerald Carr / Gerald Carr665.
11Patrick Toler / Rodney Green444.661.000.004.66
12David Scott / Larry Scott334.601.000.004.60
13Chris Schomaker / Henry Schomaker333.781.000.003.78
14Brian Ward / Brian Stevens443.721.000.003.72
15Tyler Webb / Jason Tolliver222.601.000.002.60
16Isreal Mills / Joe Hosler222.481.000.002.48
17Ryan Cullop / Clay Jackson222.
18James Jennelle / George Ray221.781.000.001.78
19Thomas Mclemore / Randy Mclemore111.541.540.001.54
20Jason Dickenson / Tom Conway111.301.300.001.30
21Jason Ballengee / Charlie Lilly111.
22Brian Lusk / Jason Williamson000.
22Robert Lane / Braxton Huffman000.
Tournament Date: 09/26/2010 @ 7:00 am - 3:00 pm @ Summersville Lake - Long Point at the Marina
Place Team Fish Live Fish Weight Big Fish Penalty Net Weight
1James Dickens / Ronnie Bruno444.541.000.004.54
2Tommy Ford / Dale Bittinger222.781.700.002.78
3Thomas Covey / Chuck Frye222.
Final Standings
PlaceTeamCaughtTotal WgtBig Fish
1Mike Workman / Cody Toler68.121.00
2Brian Fitzgerald / Kevin Fitzgerald67.541.00
3Josh Justice / Doug Cook67.361.00
4Donald Cottrill / David Cottrill67.301.00
5Jason Brown / James Goss56.781.00
6Brenton Davis / Frankie Delung66.681.00
7Carl Fleener / Brandon Fleener66.601.00
8Eddie Kitchen / Robert Browning66.541.00
9George Rice / Rob Mills66.421.00
9Mike Long / Jeff Johnson66.421.00
11Gerald Carr / Gerald Carr65.241.00
12Patrick Toler / Rodney Green44.661.00
13David Scott / Larry Scott34.601.00
14James Dickens / Ronnie Bruno44.541.00
15Chris Schomaker / Henry Schomaker33.781.00
16Brian Ward / Brian Stevens43.721.00
17Tommy Ford / Dale Bittinger22.781.70
18Tyler Webb / Jason Tolliver22.601.00
19Isreal Mills / Joe Hosler22.481.00
20Thomas Covey / Chuck Frye22.241.00
21Ryan Cullop / Clay Jackson22.181.00
22James Jennelle / George Ray21.781.00
23Thomas Mclemore / Randy Mclemore11.541.54
24Jason Dickenson / Tom Conway11.301.30
25Jason Ballengee / Charlie Lilly11.121.00
26Brian Lusk / Jason Williamson00.000.00
26Robert Lane / Braxton Huffman00.000.00