Clinton County Fishing

Sep 22, 2022
Clinton County is home to great fishing on Carlyle Lake

Home of Carlyle Lake and the Carlyle Lake Regional.

We recently held our annual Carlyle Lake Regional, which is sponsored in part by Clinton County Tourism. You can find the results here.

Clinton County is home to great fishing on Carlyle Lake, but there is plenty more to do. Here are just some of the attractions.

Attractions in Clinton County Illinois

History buffs will have plenty of things to do & sites to discover during their stay in the Carlyle Lake area with opportunities to learn about the rich agriculture and mining history of Clinton County. View the General Dean Suspension Bridge, the Cholera Cross, and the Coal Miners’ Monument. Tour Breese Historical Park & Garden and an exact replica of a Civil War fort. Built in the late 1800s as a private home, the Clinton County Historical Museum is a must-see, holding many artifacts and history from the area.

You also don’t want to miss a tour of Excel Bottling Co. in Breese, IL, where Ski and other all-natural, pure cane sodas have been produced since the mid-30s. In 2012 Excel Brewing was established, home to several craft beers including Carlyle Lake Lager and Shoal Creek Oktoberfest, Wheat, & Winter Ale, Hop Heist, Piague Bringer and Double IPA.

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