Solar Bat Performance Polarized

Dec 20, 2021
Performance Polarized Sunglasses



Solar Bat uses only TR90, the finest frame material in the sunglass market, to construct the frames in this series of sunglasses.  There is one exception and that is the proprietary floating material we use to construct the Floating Bat 1.  Many frames feature co-injected TCG in the temples and on the bridge.  TCG is a proprietary material that actually increases grip as the temperature gets hotter.


All lenses are polycarbonate and molded for optical quality with owner/optometrist, Gary Nesty’s, proprietary PNVXG2 design to eliminate all eyestrain and provide state of the art protection from UV and impact.  Polarization is 99.9% and lenses are coated for scratch resistance on both the front and back surfaces.


AMBER:  16% light transmission excellent tint for flat light and highlighting anything with a brown hue. 

GRAY: 14% light transmission and neutral filtration causing all colors to remain true.  

MOSSBACK® GREEN:  15% light transmission and highlighting anything with a green hue while bleaching out browns. 

MOSSBACK® GRADIENT:  15%-29% light transmission with Mossback in the top 55% and Hi Contrast Yellow in the bottom 45%

MOSSBACK® INVERTED GRADIENT :  29% to 15% light transmission with Hi Contrast Yellow in the top 20% of the lens and Mossback in the bottom 80%

AMBER BLUE / GREEN MIRROR:   All the properties of the amber tints with a light transmission is 11%.

GRAY ICE BLUE MIRROR:  All the properties of the gray lens with a light transmission of 9%.

HICON YELLOW: Combination 29% light transmission for low light levels and great for spotting objects in tannic water 

All Sunglasses are Made in the USA

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