Caesar's Creek Regional

Nov 19, 2021
Team Fillmore takes the win.

The Ceasar's Creek Regional was held on October 24th out of Wellman's Ramp. The father and son duo of John and Hunter Fillmore won it with a limit weighing 7.98lbs.

In total, they caught approximately 14 keepers and started catching them immediately to start the day.

"Fifteen minutes after blast off we caught one," said John Fillmore. "We were catching them on topwaters over 20 to 60-feet of water. We started idling out and seeing all the baitfish in deeper water. Before the event, they were schooling on the surface and were now doing the same thing, just in deeper water."

Their bag included a solid fish weighing 2.54lbs and the rest were identical.

"We were culling ounces all day," he said.

Top 5

  1. Fillmore / Fillmore 7.98
  2. Huddle / Maxfield 5.91
  3. Mahon / Boles 5.90
  4. Seiber / Bissonett 5.89
  5. Burns / Middleton 5.76

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