Christie’s MUST HAVE Fall Picks

Oct 19, 2021
YUM Pulse – 4.5-inch – Pearl White

No late fall bass baits assortment would be complete without a swimbait, and for Christie the clear swimbait choice is a YUM Pulse. He favors the original 4.5-inch Pulse over the smaller version because it is better for matching the larger shad that provide forage for larger bass during late fall. The YUM Pulse has a slender profile and offers both a rolling action and a thumping tail action when swam steadily. A Pulse also offers great versatility for the widely varying conditions that come with late fall and can be fished very shallow or deep and on its own or as a trailer. Pearl White imitates a shad and provides outstanding visibility.

YUM Pulse – 4.5-inch – Pearl White

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