What is Doming?

Jul 16, 2021
Doming can be applied to almost any decal.

Domed Numbers was started by Eric Gibby over 7 years ago. Eric owns a Malibu Sunsetter VLX and was faced with the reality of having to put regular registration numbers on his boat. He was not satisfied with the options of flat decals or painting so he began the research on other types of registration numbers. 

Click here for the gallery of custom registration lettering that will match your boat perfectly.

Doming is the process of adding a urethane and catalyst to the top of the vinyl, creating a clear domed lense. This coating is semi-ridged and completely clear. The mixture goes on as a liquid and spreads to the edge of the vinyl. After 24 hours, the domed vinyl is completely cured and ready for shipping.  Our crystal clear polyurethane doming resin is designed for continuous outdoor use. They will not yellow, haze, or crack.

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