Fishing Hotspot; Clarksville, IN

May 24, 2007

Clarksville, In. continues as one of USA Bassinís hottest areas.

The Clarksville Bass Pro Shop is currently sponsoring four divisions and all are going strong.
Tracker Marine manager, Dan White is clear and direct when asked about his relationship with USA Bassin. “I worked for another dealer in Indiana and that’s where I got started. I fished several USA Bassin tournaments in my area and liked them a lot. They were well run, honest and had the right atmosphere.
“When I came to the Bass Pro Shop I knew I wanted to be involved. Of course Tracker was already involved on a national level but I wanted us (Clarksville Bass Pro Shop) involved as well.”
White goes on to explain that as a manager for a boat dealer he has lots of opportunities to sponsor nearly every type of fishing tournament in the area. Financial realities dictate he can’t sponsor them all. He must choose, and he chooses carefully.
“We look at everything and consider all the factors involved. I’m not saying all of them aren’t worthy but I am saying USA Bassin is the type of circuit we like,” he says by way of further explanation.
Two of their sponsored divisions are in Indiana and two are in Kentucky. The Indiana divisions are on Hardy Lake. Dan Holt manages that division. A total of 10 tournaments are scheduled throughout 2007. As of this writing seven remain and can be fished by any member or a new member.
This Tuesday night division is competitive, however. The April 10 tournament was won by Chris Cable and Rickey Trublood; the April 24 tournament by Red Grinder and partner Lincoln Bowen; the May 8 event was captured by Charles Fox and Mike Monroe.
If you prefer to fish on Saturdays give Hardy Lake #2 a close look. Division Director Darren Turner has scheduled five tournaments. As of this writing three remain to be fished.
Mike Bowling and Gary Baker look to be the team to beat here. They’ve won both tournaments so far and show no signs of slowing down. “We just fish hard and keep our baits in the water,” says division leader Gary Baker. “We really don’t have any secrets.”
The Commonwealth of Kentucky — east of Clarksville — is home to the Clarksville BPS/Tracker on the Ohio River and the Clarksville BPS/Tracker Taylorsville Lake divisions.
The Ohio River division, managed by Todd and Megan Atherton, has four of their five scheduled tournaments remaining. Lee Parish and C. E. Satterwhite won the first event. It remains to be seen, however, if they can repeat. This division launches from Cox’s Park, near downtown Louisville.
The Taylorsville Lake anglers have just about finished their season. With three of the tournaments over Jason Mondelli and partner Lee Estepp, Jr. have the first two in the bag. But their bid for three wins was foiled by Sonny Schields and Dale Ivers on May 13, 2007.

If you’re interested in fishing any of the remaining tournaments, in any of these four divisions, contact the divisional directors. They will be more than happy to help you get started. Complete contact information can be obtained from the USA Bassin Web site at

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