Are Fish Wet?

Mar 26, 2018
That's why our H2 professional line of tournament scales are waterproof.

The most advanced and accurate scale, ever.

If you are looking for the best weighing system out there, the H2 Series won't let you down. The dual harmonic filtering allows the H2 to lock onto the weight of a thrashing fish within 5 seconds, every time! Be prepared this season and run the most efficient trail to date.

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See specs below for more details on what this series of scale is capable of and how it runs.

Specifications Power 10-17V DC 
120mA, backlight off 
270mA, backlight 100% Battery Lithium-Ion 14.8V 2200mAh 
Up to 25 hours of run time, backlight off 
Up to 6 hours of run time, backlight 100% Enclosure Structural poly-carbonate Internal Radio FCC approved, 100 ft range Display 6 digit, 14 segment, 1.1” character 
10-level brightness backlight A/D Conversion 60 times per second Units Lb - 50.00 lb x .01 lb 
Kg - 25 kg x .01 kg 
Lb/oz - 50 lb x .1 oz Zero Track 5 counts (.05 lb) Environment

-20°F to 140°F 



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