Rayjus Sponsors Uncle Sam Big Bass

Dec 28, 2017
Extra money will be added to the Uncle Sam Big Bass pot.

The new Uncle Sam Big Bass Challenge has generated plenty of interest since it was announced and will now get even better. Rayjus, the leader in custom fishing tournament jerseys has sponsored this month's challenge.

In addition to the prize money already announced, anglers can win an extra $250 if they purchase a jersey from USA BASSIN during the contest month. That brings the total possible to $750! The standard prize is $250, with an extra $250 if it was caught during a USA BASSIN tournament OR if that angler purchased an item from the USA BASSIN store, unclesamstacklebox.com.

If no angler matches the weight, the closest to the Uncle Sam Weight will win a free USA BASSIN jersey from Rayjus.

Complete Rules and Details

  1. Challenges start the first day of each month and end the last day of the month.
  2. Go fish anytime, anywhere during that month's challenge.
  3. When you catch a fish you want to register for the challenge, take a picture of it! Include in the picture, You, the fish and the weight of the fish. (A hand-held scale will work). Only Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass will be accepted.
  4. To register your fish’s weight go to: unclesamstacklebox.com
    • Registering a fish cost $2.00
    • Entry is included with all Regionals and in sanctioned Lucas Oil Big Money Tournaments.
    • You may Register as many times as you like.
    • Your fish must weigh between 1.00lbs and 10.99lbs
    • Registration is done only in hundredths of pounds. If your scale weighs in ounces please convert to hundredths.
  5. Drawing for Uncle Sam Bass Challenge will be broadcast “Live” on the USA BASSIN Facebook Page the first day of each month.
  6. How to know if you won!!
    • Competitors in that month’s challenge must go to the USA BASSIN Facebook Page to view the “Live Broadcast” to see if they matched the weight of Uncle Sam Bass.
    • To Win, you must match the exact weight of Uncle Sam Bass.
  7. Winners will have 72 hours from the time of the “Live Broadcast” to claim their prize.
    • To claim your Prize e-mailing your contact info (Name, Address. Phone No.) along with your picture to unclesamchallenge@gmail.com.
    •  Picture Must include the weight of the fish to be accepted.
    •  A Picture is not required if fishing in a regional or in a sanctioned Lucas Big Money Tournament.
  8. USA BASSIN will validate all winners catch, their photos and posts the official results.
    • If a winner is achieved, payout will be as follows:
    • $250 minimun payout for matching the weight of Uncle Sam Bass
  9. If the winning fish is caught during a USA BASSIN Tournament or if the winner has purchased a product from Uncle Sam’s Tackle Box within that month’s challenge, then USA BASSIN will “Double” the payout.
  10. If no winner is achieved and Payout has exceeded the minimum payout then all monies will roll over to the next Month’s Challenge and the payout will continue to grow!!
    • Go to https://unclesamstacklebox.com/ or www.usabassin.com to view the current value of Uncle Sam Bass.
  11.  All money winners will receive their check(s) within 30 days.
  12. All ties will split monies.

All rules and regulations for Uncle Sam Bass Challenges are subject to change at any time until the start of that month’s Challenge. Information given orally or printed on any publications, including but not limited to information on USA BASSIN’S website and flyers may not accurately represent the rules that will be used in that month’s Challenge and are merely indications of what USA BASSIN expects the rules to be. For the most current version of the rules, visit the USA BASSIN website or call USA BASSIN: 812-276-8043

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