Joe Johnson wins Nat'l Points Title

May 08, 2017
This is his third straight win.

For the third straight year, Joe Johnson of Clarksville, TN won the National Points Title fishing by himself. He fishes several divisions of USA Bassin and also served as the Assistant Tournament Director for four divisions during the 2016 season. He competes in over fifty tournaments a year, all as a full-time college student.

When asked what his secret to success is for winning the national points, he says it comes down to fishing as much as he can. "From September to November I fish about one event a week and then during the spring and summer, it is two or three events a week," says Johnson. His packed schedule sometimes includes two events on different lakes on the same weekend.

During the 2016 season, he also won the award for highest weight for the season. "The 2016 season was a grind and the only event I won was the Director's Classic with Eric Silverstrim. It was an off year overall," says Johnson. He is again in the running for the 2017 season as him and Silverstrim are currently leading the race for the national points title award.

Joe would like to thank all of his sponsors for supporting him; C&O Marine, Yamaha, Lew's, P-Line, Fishing 45, Mannis Lures and Jimmy's Rod and Reel Service.

Congratulations Joe!

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