Massachusetts : MA-01 Massachusetts State Division


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Date Lake Launch Ramp Time Results
05/11/2019Webster LakeSouth Pond Ramp7:00 am - 3:00 pmN/A
05/25/2019South WatuppaState Ramp7:00 am - 3:00 pmN/A
06/08/2019Manchaug PondState Ramp7:00 am - 3:00 pmN/A
07/20/2019Congamond Louie B's Ramp6:00 am - 2:00 pmN/A
08/10/2019Cochituate LakeState Ramp6:00 am - 2:00 pmN/A
08/24/2019Singletary Lake State Ramp6:00 am - 2:00 pmN/A

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Welcome to 2018!!!! 

     Another season is off and running. The rainy weather held off for most the day, much longer than the forcast predicted. Webster Lake provided one team with all she had to offer, with spawning beds and pre spawn females deep. The team of Kenney and Beksha ran away with the hat trick of 100 points, first place and big fish. Their impressive 19.17lb bag left the next closest team in the dust. Their bag was anchored by a 5.00lb female loaded with a belly full of eggs.

     In second place holding their own with 11.08lbs was the rookie team of Mowry and Paterson. A good start to their first season with 99 points towards team of the year. Lastly in third place with 10.55lb was Joyce and Joyce.


Otis - 05/26/2018

     Teams enetered the day with eager anticipation for a beautiful day of Otis Reservoir. The weather was perfect for a Memorial Day weekend on the water. However the fish of Otis had apparently already left town for the holiday weekend, with only one team cracking the double digit mark. 

     Santanello and Ballistrini found the only 10 lb bag of the day securing a first place victory and 100 points. Finishing ounces behind them team Cummings and Black posted a 9.23 lb bag. The majority of teams were bottle necked somewhere around the 7-8 pound range. Finishing in third place and locking up the big fish of the day was Rose and Poulin with a 2.76lb lunker.


South Watuppa 06/09/2018

     The weather on the 9th was almost picture perfect as 14 teams entered the day. After a couple teams dealt with boat issues and the dust settled the team of Plezia and Foss were champs of Fall River ringing the scales with a 13.97lb bag. In second place with 12.71lbs was Joyce and Joyce barely edging out Harding and Harding by only 3/4 of a pound. The first team to bring fish to the scale had the longest wait to see if their 3.65lb lunker would hold up. After the scales closed Greco and Stone walked away with Big Bass and a few dollars in their pocket. We are moving our focus out to western Mass for the next two tournaments hitting Congamond twice in a row in July.

Congamond 07/07/2018

     The first stop to Congamond left teams shaking their heads and wondering why the Usa Bassin director scheduled two tournaments on this body of water. While other teams left chomping at the bit for the 07/29/2018 return to Congamond. Half the teams cracked double digits at the end of the day. The team of Cummings and Black manage to find the big bass of the day a 4.66lb chunk making the bitter pill of Congamond a little easier to swallow. The team of Shea and Shea finish on top of the podium with over 16 lbs of fish however a half pound penalty dipped their bag a little but didnt effect the outcome. Rose and Poulin continued their strong preformance this season finishing the day in second place with 15.05 lbs. In third winning the tackle warehouse prize pack and representing their home lake was the team of Santaniello and Ballistini.

Congamond #2 07/29/2018

     The second attack on Congamond was tougher for some teams then the first go around. The Team of Labarre and Boudreau found the fish in a big way. Ray stated he had a big bag immediately targeting big bass chasing bait fish around the lake. With 15lbs and 4.20 lb lunker of the day the top spot was barely enough to beat Gunner Gagliarducci and his dad. Gunner put his father on his shoulders and carried the team with a 3.74 lunker and a14.87 lb bag. In third winning tackle warehouse prize pack was Joyce and Joyce. Brian celebrated his birthday in a big way having his best day on the water and catching the teams lunker.


Cochituate 08/04/2018

      The second to last tournament of the year brought some intresting weather and a couple big bags to the scales. With rain showers holding off until late afternoon many teams managed to get their limit early in the day. Then the rain came forrest gump style, it was upways, downways, sideways and no amount of expensive rain gear could keep teams dry. When the day ended Beau Mowry was king of Cochituate with a 4.58 lb lunker and a 12.78 lb bag. Complain as he might I dont see Beau giving his absent teammate a share of the winnings. In second place with a strong showing the team of Kenney and Beksha fishinshed with 12.13 lbs. Taking home third place and the tackle warehouse prize pack was Rose and Poulin. All sights are set to Quaboag on the 19th. With several teams still in the running for season Champions the last tournament will give us a winner.


     The final chapter of the 2018 Massachusetts Division regular season has been written. With water levels 2 feet higher than expected Quaboag was a nightmare for some teams. The team of Santanello and Chase found them in a big way beating the second place team by over 5 lbs with a 16.37 lb bag. The second place bag of 11.24lb's from Mowry and Paterson secured their spot as Division Champions for the season. Third place winning the Tackle Warehouse prize pack was Hawkins and Barboza. We set our sights to the one day Regional Championship on Squam Lake. Any team with 250+ points is eligible to the 9/30/2018 tournament.  


  • Kenney/Beksha

  • Mowry/Paterson

  • Webster launch

  • Rose and Poulin

  • Cummings and Black

  • Santanello and Ballistrini

  • Greco and Stone big fish

  • Plezia and Foss 1st

  • Harding and Harding 3rd

  • Cummings and Black

  • Rose and Poulin

  • Santanello and Ballistrini

  • Morning Launch

  • Al Gagliarducci and Gunner

  • Labarre and Boudreau

  • Beau Mowry solo win

  • Cochituate launch

  • Kenney and Beksha

  • Rose and Poulin 3rd

  • 1st Place Santanello & Chase

  • Division Champions Mowry & Paterson

  • 3rd Tackle Warehouse Prize pack Hawkins & Barboza


Division Champions

  • 2018 Beau Mowry / Rob Paterson
  • 2017 Marc Chauvin / Schrader Mike
  • 2016 Timothy Joyce / Brian Joyce Ma
  • 2015 Ryan Taylor / Derek Taylor

Season Standings

Tournament Winners

  • 08/19/2018 Mario Santaniello / Brian Ballistrini
  • 08/04/2018 Beau Mowry / Rob Paterson
  • 07/29/2018 Ray Labarre / Russell Boudreau
  • 07/07/2018 Jason Shea / Kevin Shea
  • 06/09/2018 Thomas Plezia / Nicholas Foss
  • 05/26/2018 Mario Santaniello / Brian Ballistrini
  • 05/12/2018 Jeff Kenney / Tom Beksha
  • 08/26/2017 Marc Chauvin / Schrader Mike
  • 08/05/2017 Ray Labarre / Richard Labarre
  • 07/15/2017 Albert Gagliarducci / Andy Chase
  • 06/03/2017 Marc Chauvin / Schrader Mike
  • 05/20/2017 Daniel Rose / John Poulin
  • 05/06/2017 Gordon Bocash / Denise Hancin
  • 08/27/2016 Scott Gamache / Neil Senical
  • 08/06/2016 Timothy Joyce / Brian Joyce Ma
  • 07/23/2016 Kevin Shea / Daniel Griffin
  • 07/09/2016 Timothy Joyce / Brian Joyce Ma
  • 06/11/2016 Mario Santaniello / Steve Santa
  • 05/14/2016 Timothy Baurley / Matt Breach
  • 08/30/2015 Ryan Taylor / Derek Taylor
  • 08/01/2015 Timothy Baurley / Matt Breach
  • 07/18/2015 Richard Labarre / Joe Bey
  • 06/13/2015 Ryan Taylor / Derek Taylor
  • 05/23/2015 Matt Szczoczarz / Justin Levesque
  • 05/09/2015 John Gendron / Matthew Gendron
  • 08/30/2014 Richard Labarre / Ray Labarre
  • 08/02/2014 Marc Chauvin / Schrader Mike
  • 07/13/2014 Marc Chauvin / Schrader Mike
  • 06/07/2014 Andy Chase / Albert Gagliarducci
  • 05/17/2014 Andy Chase / Albert Gagliarducci
  • 05/04/2014 Kevin Shea / Jason Shea
  • 08/12/2012 Jay Surreira / Tom Kelly
  • 07/29/2012 Charlie Jutras / Andy Jutras
  • 06/10/2012 Keith Wilson / Pat Chapin
  • 05/26/2012 Ron Boutin / Darin Braese
  • 04/22/2012 Joseph Bartus / Gregory Bartus
  • 07/17/2011 Chris Blais / Dave Dardanelli
  • 06/19/2011 Mike Holt / Peter Mcallister
  • 06/11/2011 Keith Wilson / Pat Chapin
  • 05/21/2011 Mike Holt / Peter Mcallister
  • 04/17/2011 Mike Holt / Peter Mcallister
  • 08/29/2010 Chris Blais / Dave Dardanelli
  • 08/01/2010 Abe Kalechman / Chris Parker
  • 07/11/2010 Ron Boutin / Darin Braese
  • 06/06/2010 Jason Shea / Kevin Shea
  • 05/23/2010 Andy Chase / Al Gagliarducci
  • 09/06/2009 Ron Boutin / Darin Braese
  • 08/15/2009 Al Gagliarducci / Andy Chase
  • 07/18/2009 Al Gagliarducci / Andy Chase
  • 06/07/2009 Ron Boutin / Darin Braese
  • 05/17/2009 Mike Mantha / Bob Mazzone
  • 09/17/2008 Andy Chase / Al Gagliarducci
  • 09/06/2008 Chris Martin / Mike Vining
  • 08/09/2008 John Shpack / Shaun Moser

Highest Season Weight

  • 2018 68.32 lbs. Beau Mowry / Rob Paterson
  • 2017 56.20 lbs. Marc Chauvin / Schrader Mike
  • 2016 68.02 lbs. Daniel Rose / John Poulin
  • 2015 71.83 lbs. Ryan Taylor / Derek Taylor

Highest Winning Weight

  • 2018 19.17 lbs. Jeff Kenney / Tom Beksha
  • 2017 16.99 lbs. Albert Gagliarducci / Andy Chase
  • 2016 20.14 lbs. Timothy Baurley / Matt Breach
  • 2015 18.86 lbs. Richard Labarre / Joe Bey

Lowest Winning Weight

  • 2018 10.15 lbs. Mario Santaniello / Brian Ballistrini
  • 2017 10.63 lbs. Daniel Rose / John Poulin
  • 2016 7.13 lbs. Kevin Shea / Daniel Griffin
  • 2015 11.88 lbs. Ryan Taylor / Derek Taylor

Big Bass

  • 2018 5.00 lbs. Jeff Kenney / Tom Beksha
  • 2017 6.54 lbs. Gordon Bocash / Denise Hancin
  • 2016 6.42 lbs. Thomas Plezia / Nicholas Foss
  • 2015 5.71 lbs. Ryan Taylor / Derek Taylor

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