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Kyle Parr
8584 Tom Evans Rd
Greenville, IN 47124

Assistant Director

Brad Dewitt
3508 Gander Dr
Jeffersonville, IN 47130




April 1 Tournament #2 was better than #1

The weather for tournament 2 was far greater than tournament 1, but it was still a chilly day on the lake.  Plenty of fish were caught today with numerous teams saying they caught over 50 bass today.  3 teams weighed in Fish with Team Dunn/Dunn from Indianapolis taking top honors.  Their 18" 2.38 pound fish pushed them into first and claimed big bass for the day.  The next tournament is April 15th. 


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Division Champions

  • 2017 Kyle Parr / Brad Dewitt

Season Standings

Tournament Winners

  • 08/12/2017 Kyle Parr / Brad Dewitt
  • 07/29/2017 Erik Robinson / Ricky Eason
  • 07/15/2017 Kyle Parr / Brad Dewitt
  • 06/03/2017 Doug Weber / Martin Hobbs
  • 04/15/2017 Doug Weber / Martin Hobbs
  • 04/01/2017 Mark Dunn / Bryan Dunn
  • 03/18/2017 George allan Scott / Michelle Scott

Highest Season Weight

  • 2017 12.78 lbs. Kyle Parr / Brad Dewitt

Highest Winning Weight

  • 2017 4.53 lbs. Mark Dunn / Bryan Dunn

Lowest Winning Weight

  • 2017 1.79 lbs. Kyle Parr / Brad Dewitt

Big Bass

  • 2017 2.38 lbs. Mark Dunn / Bryan Dunn

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